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The Shanu Investment established in 1989 to provide world class financial services to the investors across the Indian Sub-continent. Incorporated by Mr Sanjay Kumar Agarwal & Mr. Ashutosh Kumar Agrawal they dreamt of establishing the Shanu Investment one stop provider of Investment Solutions.

The dream was pursued with relentless energy without losing focus on the need to provide perfect investment solutions for the clients. This drive for offering the best services and solutions. With over 18 years of experience and modern office support systems geared to meet the dynamic changes of the financial markets, the Shanu Investment stands tall amongst the myriad opportunities available in the Indian financial markets. It is the stringent standards of quality and services adopted by the Group that has helped it to keep pace with the expeditious changes in the Indian Economy as well as meet the complexities of the bears and bulls of the Indian Capital market.

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Mr. Sanjay Kumar Agrawal & Ashutosh Kumar Agrawal, has an experience of over 18 years in the Stock Market. His clarity of vision, leadership skills, ingenuity in approach and penchant for understanding customer needs has helped the Group and its associates register spectacular growth and success. He always follows hands on approach in dealing with clients and associates and thus can be contacted directly at

Why to get Associated with Shanu Investment?

Our vision is your growth as an associate or client. We believe that your growth is the only key for our growth, and we are committed to act upon this vision. We plan and act on the mission according to this only. We believe in deeds and not in words, till now as an existing system in the market the associates are left alone with only bare minimum support from the head office. The associate make their independent efforts physically, mentally and financially for their business growth and after doing all these activities the associate has to share the hard earned money to the head office.

Our organigation has broken this trend and had the vision to make you grow first by taking all the steps which helps you to grow. Following are some of the marketing steps which our organigation takes for your business growth.

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  • Door To Door Campaign: - We from the head office send the trained marketing person at your location for the door to door campaign activity so that maximum person of your locality can get registered with your branch.
  • Canopy Activity: - In this activity the trained marketing person organize canopy activity in some of the strategic location of your town or in some of the financial fair which takes place in our town, and this activity also helps to get the investors registered with you.
  • Corporate Presentation: - The team which has been send by the head office or you fix appointments with the organigation such as collages, banks and office for the corporate presentation where the experts from the head office demonstrate the benefits of the stock market, gives presentation and replies to the queries asked by the persons present. This activity boosts not only new investor registration but also removes doubts about the share market.
  • Investor Meet:- The Head Office time to time organize the investors meet with proper invitation to the existing investor to boost their moral, share the new development in the market and in the organigation and also to get their views and suggestions. This helps to reduce the communication gaps between the investors and the associates which gets evolve with the passage of time.

Apart from the above marketing support our organigation has started the onsite training for Associate staff again with the vision to make associate and his staff fully aware of the business of stock market first by taking all the steps which helps you to gain full knowledge. Following are some of the operational steps which our organigation takes for the Associate business growth.

  • Software Training: - The head office sends the expert person to the associate location to give full training of the different software which is used in the stock market for the trading and the back office. This activity not only helps the associate and his staff to learn with their own environment and gives more confidence and ease to learn instead going to the head office and taking the training, although we give training in the head office but it’s our experience that the training given at the Associate premises gives better knowledge then training in the head office.
  • Customer Care:- We train the staff of the associates for handling the customer care as the customer can ask or demand different type of query and documents which in general are said that the customer’s query will be solved from the head office. We have the vision to make the associate so much competent that least dependency lies on the head office.
  • Marketing Training: - While we support the associate in marketing by sending the Head Office staff we simultaneously train the Associate staff the skill of marketing through different technique as mentioned above.
So break the wrong practice and get what you should get as an Associate.  
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